P.S. The Launch of The Mommy Bookshelf

Welcome to the end of April. I am still trying to figure out where this month has gone. I believe it was lost to the land of coffee and little sleep. As I mentioned last week, I have been quite busy recently. Besides keeping up with an increasingly active, curious, and sleep resistant little one, I have been working on some new writing projects and trying to get in a lot of reading. Which leads me to this announcement…Tomorrow I am launching an exciting new website! I have been working on this for a while now and I am thrilled to be putting it out there for all the world to see. It’s called The Mommy Bookshelf. I have always been an avid reader, but since having a child, I don’t have as much time to do so. And I figured I was probably not the only one that feels this way. After scouring the internet, I came to realize that there are lots of book review sites and many mommy blogs, but really none that combine the two. Thus, the birth of The Mommy Bookshelf. It is a book review website geared towards moms who, like myself, love to read but just can’t devote as much time to books as they used to. We have very little time to ourselves and who wants to waste that time on bad books? The site is split into two, just like a bookcase in a home with children: the Upper Shelves (Adult and YA books for moms and other adults) and the Lower Shelves (Picture Books for the kiddos). Each week I will add a new book to each shelf with a summary, review, and even a Mommy Readability Rating. So if you want to read all about what I’m reading and get my thoughts on the good and bad and everything in between, tune in! I’m really looking forward to sharing my reading journey with others and I hope to be able to help moms find quality books to fill whatever free time they can get. And speaking of free time, the baby has woken, so mine is officially over for now. Until nap time, farewell all…


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