P.S. Regrets and Inspiration

In a book I was reading recently, one of the characters commented that he doesn’t have regrets, as he felt regrets come from a place of sadness. Things are done and over, and being sad about them is fruitless. It was a simple piece of dialogue in the story, but it really resonated with me. Lately, certain events have led me to examine some things in my past that could be considered regrets. And while I would like to think myself in line with the aforementioned character, not carrying regrets, there are some moments that still linger with doubt and hesitation for me. And for a while they were causing sadness. Personally, I would not want to be anywhere else than exactly where I am, with the people I am with. However, academically and professionally, there are some routes I may have wanted to take and should have but didn’t. But then that begs the question… If I had changed even the slightest of things regarding those paths, would the end result of my personal journey be different? Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect would tell us yes. That’s not a risk I would want to take and, realistically, not one I can. I can’t just go back and do things differently. But what if someone could?

This is where my thoughts of the past and feelings of regret have led to inspiration. For even though I cannot go back and change the past, I can write characters who can. I can create a world where this regret-fueled time travel is possible. And so, through them, I can start a new story. I have always found writing to be quite therapeutic, journaling or writing pieces of memoir or creative non-fiction. But this time, I am going to explore writing fiction as therapy. I’m hoping through this exercise to not only produce a powerful and thought-provoking piece of writing, but also to help myself work though some of the emotions that have been bogging me down as of late. Along with my notions of regret, this new writing endeavor has led me on a new reading journey as well. My experience with time-travel in literature is quite minimal and so I have begun to dive into the sci-fi genre (one I have not explored much in my reading) in order to get a solid understand of how other authors have approached the subject. So far, I have found it quite interesting how each individual has put their own mark on the concept. I find myself questioning some methods and admiring others, taking from each ideas of how I could make it my own. And so, a new writing journey begins. I am excited to see down which path these characters lead me.

The Baking Challenge: Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day to you all! I hope everyone enjoyed a day filled with the Irish spirit. I married into a strong Irish family and was recently given the family recipe for Irish Soda Bread (written down by my husband’s aunt off the top of her head, a skill of recollection I wish I had for some of my favorite recipes). So, for this week, my new bake was to try out this family tradition. And since my husband has always praised his aunt’s bread, I knew the judging of the finished product would be tough. The mixing and baking were pretty simple and straightforward (I was, however, quite surprised to find there is no actual baking soda in the soda bread). I don’t think my dough was quite wet enough though and the loaf came out a bit underdone as I hadn’t shaped it as it should have been, but the taste was pretty spot on. My husband may have even said he liked my crust better (this may have been due to my heavy-handedness with the unquantified amount of melted butter applied at the end of baking). So I would definitely consider this a semi-success and I look forward to improving upon it next year.


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