P.S. Enough with “Am I doing enough?”

“Am I doing enough?” It’s a question I ask quite frequently in most parts of my life. As a mother, a writer, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, am I doing enough? As the first two take up the majority of my time right now (we’ll throw the third one in for good measure) it’s typically where I currently focus most of my concern with this question. As a mother, am I doing enough with my son to nurture him properly? Am I reading to him enough? Are we listening to enough music or too much? Is there enough quiet time? Do I hold him enough? Do I give him enough alone time? Do I talk to him enough and give him enough time to respond in his own way? Do we get out enough? Do we do enough activities that will stimulate him physically and mentally? Am I doing enough?

When it comes to writing, the main question is am I writing enough? Am I getting enough words on the page? And within those words are there enough good words? In addition, am I doing enough to hone my craft? Am I reading enough? Studying the art of writing enough? Going to enough writers’ events and exposing myself to the world of writing? And, when it comes to the book I’ve already written, am I doing enough marketing to get enough sales?

Outside of this, am I doing enough to maintain all the important relationships in my life? Am I contacting the people I need to contact enough? Do we talk enough? About the important stuff and not just the superficial? Am I doing enough to show the people I love how I feel? And then, a relationship that is seemingly often pushed to the background, am I doing enough for myself? Enough to stay healthy, fit, and strong? Physically, mentally, and emotionally? Am I helping myself enough so that I can be enough in the other areas of my life?

That’s a lot of questions! Just asking them becomes so overwhelming that one has no energy to figure out, let alone act on, the answers. So, I’ve decided to say, “Enough!” Enough to doubting whether I’m doing enough. No more wasting my time worrying. I’m doing my best and that’s all I can ask of myself. Some days “my best” might be better than other days, but every day, I am determined to allow myself to feel that it is enough. And with that, I will go forward in life, a little less worried and more focused on the moment, enjoying all that I have and all that I am. And, in the words of the wonderful Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton: “I could be enough, And we could be enough, That would be enough”.

The Baking Challenge: Marzipan seems to be one of those things that people either love or hate. I had never used it in my baking before, and so I thought I would give it a try this week in making a Marzipan Swirl Tart. A delicious cookie crust, rich chocolate and marzipan swirl filling, what’s not to like? And with a simple baking of the crust and chilling of the completed tart, it was a fairly easy and successful project. And quite a delectable dessert. I might even guess it could sway a few of those marzipan haters in the other direction.



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