P.S. Happy New Year! (2019 Edition)

2018 was a year of firsts for me. I published my first book and gave birth to my first child. A debut author and a debut mother within just months! To say it was a pretty incredible year would be quite an understatement. I find it hard to imagine that 2019 could beat it. But what I hope to do, is carry on the excitement and joy of this past year into the new year.

Watching my son begin to interact with and explore the world around him has been fascinating. And what I am constantly amazed by is his overwhelming happiness. It is truly astounding, but he is actually quite happy most of the time (a fact I try to keep quiet when speaking with other new mothers who have babies that cry all night long or scream for the entirety of every car ride). What I would like to do this year is work on incorporating that ability for happiness in my own mentality. I am usually a pretty optimistic person, but sometimes, you know…life (a feeling I faced quite frequently this past year when turning my attention to anything outside of my private life bubble). But public and national concerns aside, I will strive to find a strong level of joy in all that I do this year. Now, I’m not saying that there will be complete delight in each and every diaper change, or every writing session, but I will search for the slight moments of happiness within those times. (Note: I do understand that there is a privilege that enables this strong focus on the quest for happiness and for that privilege I am truly grateful. I am also aware that, being thus privileged, I should not waste the opportunity to take part in such a quest.)

I will also be aiming to achieve my child’s level of excitement with the world. For him, each day brings something new and with that comes the elation of learning and embarking on fresh adventures. It seems that many people I know who are bored with life or constantly feeling flat are so because they stop learning, stop trying, stop finding new things to brighten their lives. So, I’m taking the baby approach to this year. The find-something-new-and-stick-it-in-my-mouth approach. The get-up-fall-down-and-get-back-up approach. I will take every opportunity to find new things to learn, both in my professional and personal life. I will discover aspects of the world around me with which I was previously unfamiliar or have left unexplored. I expect there will be tumbles, missteps, and even complete failures. But it will be better than never having tried at all. And there you go…the happiness! And, I plan to share many of these firsts with you. This year I am recommitting myself to making these posts much more regular in making it a weekly blog. My first set challenge for the year, and one I look forward to taking on.

So, while 2019 might not be the year of grand firsts like last year, it will be the year of little firsts. The year of new experiences and, quite possibly once more, great happiness.


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